Re-engineering - Corporate Intranet Application

While worked for Jenson & Nicholson as Developer, worked on reverse engineering, re-engineering and migration of enterprise intranet application.


Reverse Engineering, Re-engineering and Migration of Enterprise Intranet Application of J&N, used across its 36 branches across India, having 200 years of history and India’s 2nd oldest paints company. It was developed for both email and fax communication across all branches through PSTN / PSDN. This was In-house application development project.

Architecture / Technology

It was built on Star Topology. It was migrated from Novel Netware to Unix Communication platform. UNIX IPC (Inter Process Communication), Socket and C Technologies were applied.

Development / Engineering

Worked on reverse engineering of the application. Re-architected application for adopting Star Topology for efficient communication.  Re-designed the application for better performance. Worked on development and Quality Assurance (QA) of re-engineered application. Shortest Path Algorithm was used for multi MTA (Message Transfer Agent) communication.