ADM of HOGAN - CORE/Retail Banking Platform

While worked for TCS as Sr Developer, worked on Application Development and Management (ADM) of HOGAN – CORE / Retail Bank Application of ABSA Bank (Amalgamated Banks of South Africa ), Johannesburg, South Africa.

Project Description

Development, enhancement, maintenance and production support of HOGAN – CORE / Retail Bank application. ABSA had used HOGAN for worldwide CORE / Retail Bank and electronic card business – credit, debit and charge cards. This was offshore (Calcutta) / onsite (Johannesburg) and Time and Material (T&M) project.

Architecture / Technology

HOGAN was originally developed by HOGAN Incorporation (Dallas, Texas, USA). At present it is owned by DXC Technologies. It was built on IBM Mainframe, MVS, IMS and COBOL.

Development / Engineering

Worked on small and medium development/ enhancement, maintenance and production support of HOGAN. I had been on client site (ABSA, Johannesburg) for six months for Knowledge Transfer (KT) purpose. Worked with ABSA development and business teams for acquiring and transferring functional and technical knowledge of HOGAN from client to project team in India (Calcutta), which was instrumental in continuation of project thereafter from offshore (Calcutta). Worked on all phases of SDLC for medium and small enhancements and L3 production support.