Unix / C / C++
11 Years Experience

ADM of
Trading Platform of JPMC

Delivered Application Development and Management (ADM) program, of Accenture, of Derivatives Trading applications suite for Investment Banker JP Morgan Chase – UK, built on UNIX/C/C++ technologies and Process Driven and Peer-To-Peer architecture; where Inter Process Communication (IPC) mechanism among Technological Framework and Business Applications were implemented applying Publish / Subscribe and Event-Broker architectures. This processes’ gamut was connected through IBM Middleware Technology with two ends of the Trading System – up-stream trading desk and down-stream reporting system. Other technologies used – IBM MQ Series, Java, Sybase, T-SQL, Shell Script, ClearCase, IBM Rational.

Application Development of
E-Governance Platform of
California State Govt.
Welfare System

Worked on Application Development (AD) program of Deloitte Consulting; developed World’s Largest E-Governance applications suite for automating California (USA) State Government Welfare System, built on Unix/C/C++ technologies and 5-tier Client/Server architecture – front-end UI, middleware server, business server, data access server and back-end database server. Other technologies used – Windows, PowerBuilder, Tuxedo, COBOL, Oracle, PL-SQL, Pro*C, Pro*COBOL. Developed Tuxedo services on Request / Response architecture.

Product Development and Maintenance (PDM) of
ERP/SCM WEB Platform

Delivered Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products suite of JDA Software (now Blue Yonder; formerly Manugistics), built on Unix/C/C++ technologies and multi-tier Client/Server architecture. Other technologies used – Unix/Cobol, Oracle. Developed this products suite for ERP functions “Contract Manufacturing” and “Sequencing” for Global Manufacturing and Retail industries.

Re-engineering & Migration of Corporate
Intranet Application

Developed, re-engineered and migrated corporate intranet application for Indian Paint (Chemical) major Jenson & Nicholson, built on Unix/C/C++ technologies. Applied Unix Inter Process Communication (IPC) and Socket Programming mechanism for communication among various modules of this application. It was used across all 36 branches of J&N.

Windows MS VC++

Product Development and Maintenance (PDM) of
RAID Storage Software

Developed and supported Storage software solution of American Megatrends Inc. (AMI, now LSI Logic) for Global Storage Industry, built on Microsoft Visual C++ technology. It was developed for RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Discs) storage solution.

Application Development of
Banking Platform for
Bank of Ireland (BOI)

Delivered Application Development (AD) program, of Perot System (now NTT Data), of Enterprise CORE / Retail Banking applications suite for Bank Of Ireland (BOI), built on Microsoft Technologies (Visual C++ and SQL Server), IBM Mainframe Technologies and 6-tier Client/Server architecture. Developed branch office application on 3-tier Client/Server architecture, PowerBuilder and Microsoft Technologies. Central application server was built on IBM Mainframe Technologies (MVS, Cobol, DB2). Each branch office application was connected to central application server through IBM MiddleWare Technology MQ Series.