Application Development - E-Governance Platform

While worked for Deloitte Consulting as Sr Developer, worked on Application Development program for automating (e-Governance) California State Government Welfare System, CA, USA.

Project Description

Development of California State Govt. Welfare System (CalWORKs). CalWIN stands for CalWORKs Information Network, where CalWORKs stands for California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids. It is the largest system of its kind in the world that supports major processing functions of Welfare Client Data System (WCDS) Consortium, which is an association of eighteen California counties that administer services for over forty percent of state’s public assistance caseload. It was Fixed Price (FP) project.

Architecture / Technology

This enterprise application was based on 3-tier Client/Server architecture with front end on Windows/ PowerBuilder (PB), back-end server was on middleware UNIX/ Tuxedo and back-end database server was on Oracle. Technologies used were C/C++, COBOL, Shell Scripting and Lex/Yacc.

Development / Engineering

Developed Tuxedo server application and integrated it with front-end PB UI application and back-end Oracle DB server. Developed Tuxedo application server that had three components – Tuxedo Services, business modules and data access modules. Developed Tuxedo services applying Request / Response architecture and C/C++. Developed business modules using MicroFocus Cobol and data access modules using PL/SQL – Pro*C / Pro*Cobol. Developed code generators for skeletons of Tuxedo services, business modules and data access modules. Developed C/C++ code generator for Tuxedo services and data access modules, and COBOL code generator for business modules. Developed both C/C++ and COBOL code generators using Lexer / Parser technologies Lex/Yacc. Worked on development, unit testing, integration testing, system test support and UAT support.