Application Development of CORE/Retail Banking Platform

While worked for Perot System (NTT Data) as Technical Architect / Manager, worked on Development / Enhancement of CORE/Retail Banking application SPR-TRACS (Service Process Renewal – TRansaction and Cash System) for Bank of Ireland (BOI).

Project Description

Development of CORE/ Retail Banking application for Service Process Renewal – Transaction and Cash System. It was offshore (Noida) / onsite (Dublin, Ireland) and Fixed Price (FP) project.

Architecture / Technology

Application was based on 6-tier Client/Server architecture. Branch office application servers were connected to central application server following Star Topology. Each branch office application had 3-tier Client/Server architecture – Windows/ PowerBuilder, MSVC++ and MSSQL database server. Each branch application server was connected to central application server IBM Mainframe / MVS / Cobol through middleware IBM MQ Series; Mainframe based central application server was connected to back-end DB2 database server.

Client Management

Handled client (offshore visit) relationship; translated requirements into quality services; maximized project performance and customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Technical Delivery Management

Managed scope of work with project manager and business analyst / functional architect. Managed and guided / driven development team through delivery processes of engineering and release of developed / enhanced application. Coordinated with onsite coordinator / team and client infrastructure and professional services for release and deployment of enhanced application into client premise. Collaborated with client business operation for managing UAT support.

Engineering Management

Hands-on and guided/driven development team through SDLC – architectural and design discussions and decisions, coding and unit testing and integration testing. Followed software engineering best practices prescribed by Perot System and as well as BOI – waterfall development methodology, design and coding standards, code review and unit testing. Established processes for technical delivery of developed / enhanced application followed by QA, release, UAT support and deployment in production environment in client premise.

People Management

Built and managed multicultural teams comprised of development leads and software engineers. Hired potential candidates; nurtured through training, coaching, counseling and mentoring; and built world class team that delivered world class quality application. Motivated teams in individual and group levels through awards, bonus and team building activities (outing, dining). Developed teams by providing regular feedback and performance appraisal. Instilled inspiration and motivation in individual team members by aligning their individual career aspiration and organization objectives. Groomed potential team members for future leadership. Resolved team conflict and established team spirit.

Communication Management

Managed periodic status reporting to project manager; handled escalations from client business operations; managed risk / issue, prepared risk mitigation plan and executed them when needed. Resolved conflict within teams and among peer leadership. Contributed in periodic application status review meetings with project manager, onsite coordinator and client management.

Process Management

Established industry standard best practices / processes related to engineering and delivery. For engineering, established architecture / design brainstorming and review, coding standards, code review and release of application. For technical delivery, established periodic meetings with client management, onsite coordinator and project manager for managing scope of delivery; established process of regular coordination with QA for release and deployment of application; established process for regular interaction with client business operation and infrastructure for driving UAT support followed by deployment in client premise.

Stakeholder Management

Managed and coordinated with various stakeholders for end-to-end management of development and technical delivery of application. For managing scope of work, coordinated with client management, onsite coordinator and project manager. For technical delivery of application, managed development team and coordinated with infrastructure.