Product Development - Healthcare Platform

While worked for Edifecs Technologies as Manager – Software Engineering and Delivery, worked on development and production support of enterprise Cloud / SaaS platform for US HealthCare Insurance Industry.

Project Description

Development and production support of enterprise Cloud/ SaaS product for US HealthCare Transaction Test Management that was critical to strategic business decision system of US healthcare insurance industry. This SaaS platform provided US healthcare industry with test bed where pseudo real life transactions were generated in huge volume for testing purpose of health insurance policy design.

Architecture / Technology

This product was based on Cloud, 3-tier Client/Server, Model View Controller (MVC), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and RESTful/API architectures. Distributed Computing architecture was applied for performance improvement and high availability and scalability implementation. Technologies used were Spring, Hibernate, Java, Grail/Groovy, MSSQL, Active MQ, Tableau, Jenkins, ElasticSearch, JackRabbit.

DevOps Management

Managed, guided and driven devops team for implementing distributed development and QA environments in order to mimic distributed production environment for quality product delivery. Distributed development environment was used for development unit and integration testing. Distributed QA environment was used for system, performance and regression testing. Managed CICD implementation for automating build and deployment in distributed development and QA environments. Implemented automated unit and integration testing, and automated system, performance and regression testing.

Program Management

Managed program of multiple Full Life Cycle projects corresponding to product at various stages of product life cycle – development, enhancement and production support, and POC (Proof Of Concepts) for pre-sales support; managed project planning, execution, monitor and control, closure following Agile/ Scrum/ SAFe methodology. Handled effort estimation, backlog prioritization, scheduling, task allocation, project tracking and monitoring. Completed project on time within budget applying fast tracking and crashing/ compression as and when required.

Agile / Scrum / SAFe

Played the role of scrum master. Followed scaled agile for managing multiple scrums corresponding to multiple projects and multilevel scrums for offshore (Mohali) and onsite (USA and Europe) teams for different versions of product for different clients. Followed Agile Release Train (ART) methodology for managing multiple releases of various versions of product for various clients. Managed sprint planning and review with product management and PMO. Managed daily multilevel stand-ups. Conducted sprint retrospective for further improvement of whole process and delivery of better quality product and POC.

Delivery Management

Managed scope of work with product management that needed to be delivered. Managed and driven development team through delivery processes of engineering and release of product and POC. Coordinated with infrastructure and professional services for establishing DevOps / Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD) framework for integrating development, quality (testing), release and deployment. Collaborated with customer support for managing production support.

Engineering Management

Guided and driven development team through SDLC – architectural and design decisions, coding and unit testing. Established software engineering best practices – architectural / design brainstorming, design/ coding standards, code review, agile / scrum / SAFe. Established DevOps / Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD) framework for continuous integration through development, QA, staging and finally deployment to production environment in client premise (private cloud) or hosted on public cloud. Also, managed DevOps for implementing scalability and high availability. 

Application Service Management

Managed service management activities for continuous improvement of product quality. Conducted Incident Management and Problem Management for providing best feasible production support services of product. Conducted incident Triage for prioritization of incidents and conducted Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for critical issues in order to deliver continuous improvement of product quality.

Release Management

Managed, driven and guided development team and coordinated with infrastructure and professional services teams for handling parallel releases of different versions of product for different clients. Agile Release Train (ART) methodology was applied for such releases.

People Management

Built and managed globally dispersed multicultural international teams comprised of architects, leads and software engineers. Hired potential candidates; nurtured through training, coaching, counseling and mentoring; and built world class team that delivered world class quality software. Motivated teams in individual and group levels through awards, bonus and team building activities (outing, dining) and compensatory time-offs. Developed teams by providing regular feedback and performance appraisal. Instilled inspiration and motivation in individual team members by aligning their individual career aspiration and organization objectives. Groomed potential team members for future leadership. Resolved team conflict and established team spirit.

Financial Management

Successfully completed and delivered projects on time within budget. Managed project finances / budgets – human resources (compensation and benefits) and team building (outing, dining, bonus, awards, etc.).

Communication Management

Managed periodic status reporting to leadership; handled escalations from customer support and product management; managed risk / issue, prepared risk mitigation plan and executed them when needed. Resolved conflict within teams and among peer leadership. Participated periodic product roadmap review meetings with leadership and product management.

Process Management

Established industry standard best practices / processes related to engineering, delivery and program management. For engineering, established architecture / design brainstorming and review, coding standards and code review; and finally, DevOps process for continuous development and delivery / release of products through development, QA, staging and production. For delivery, established periodic meetings with product management and leadership for managing scope of solution to be delivered; established process of regular coordination with infrastructure and professional services for release and deployment of solutions in staging followed by production environment. For program, established processes of planning, execution, monitor and control, and closure.

Stakeholder Management

Managed and coordinated with various stakeholders for end-to-end management of development and delivery of product. For managing scope of work, coordinated with product management. For delivering products, managed development teams and coordinated with infrastructure and professional services. Coordinated with customer support for managing production support. Collaborated with HR and Finance for hiring, recruitment, team building and managing project finance / budget.