IT Modernization is one of the main streams of digital transformation. It has two parts – IT infrastructure modernization and IT Software modernization. Software modernization has two parts – application modernization and product modernization.

Large organizations across industries around the globe already possess huge legacy IT systems for operating their global businesses. In order to survive in modern day economy and technology savvy world, they MUST modernize their legacy IT infrastructure and application platforms in order to operate their business efficiently, reliably and in competitive manner.

Legacy infrastructure and application platforms based on Mainframe, C/C++/Cobol and other legacy technologies MUST be modernized using modern Cloud, WEB, SOA, REST, Distributed and Microservices architectures in order to survive in modern economic, technology and business environment.

Application and Product Modernization

  • Re-platforming
  • Re-engineering
  • Integration
  • UI Modernization
  • Post Modernization
  • Modernization
  • Assessment